Barrel Project 03: Foreign Extra Stout

Written by Don Blake. Posted in Barrel Projects

OG 1.079    FG: 1.010    Merlot Barrel, gen 1 -  17 months   ABV:  9.0

For the third barrel project, we made a fantastic foreign extra stout and added it to a 'just used' merlot barrel from Colorado's western slope.   While ageing in Left Hand's barrel room, we added 15lb of tart cherries from IPAler's trees (Don Blake and John Ojala).  The refermentation popped the cork off the barrel and made a bit of a mess, but with patience, this brew turned out incredible.   At one point, we thought it to be terrible, but patience being a virtue, it paid off and the resulting brew came out of the barrel with a complex sourness from the cherries and barrel. 

It's done well in competitions, winning a gold medal at the 2012 Rocky Mountain Homebrew Club Challenge.  Caution Brewing in Denver selected it for entry into the 2013 GABF Pro-Am.





Jeff Porn (Barrel Wrangler)
Don Blake
Mark Hall
Kari Klein
Eric Menchen
John Ojala
Chris Orton
Nick Orton
Mike Pedersen
Mark Spaulding
Wayne Stark

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