Barrel Project 08 - Saison

Written by Don Blake. Posted in Barrel Projects

Time for a Saison!

Once we realized that Merlot barrel II went sour (quite pleasantly so - Barrel 3 - Foreign extra stout with cherries), we thought that a saison would work out nicely.  So we made Jeff's Saison recipe and then pitched some bugs


Jeff Porn, John Ojala, Don Blake, Elizabeth Lange, Mark Hall, Greg Toothaker, Joel Head, Cliff Garton, Ro Guenzel

In to Barrel:  1/11/2011
Out of Barrel:  3/30/2013

recipe (for 5 gallons, 70% efficiency)  

7.25   #  Pale malt
2 # Vienna
8 oz Flaked Wheat
8 oz Flaked Oats
12 oz Agave Nectar (add after boil

1.5 oz Golding  @ 60min
.5 oz Hallertau @ 30min
.5 oz Sorachi Ace   @ 5min

.5 oz Coriander 0min
.5 tsp Grains of Paradise 0min
.25 oz Sweet Orange Peel 0min
.25 oz Bitter Orange Peel 0min

Wyeast 3724
In the barrel, a blend of bugs - details to follow

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