Barrel Project 01: Imperial Stout / Stranahan's Barrel

Written by Don Blake. Posted in Barrel Projects

A roasty Imperial stout aged 6 months in a stranahan's barrel

Jason Lippa was behind this project, having brewed 35 gallons of Imperial Stout, but needing help from the club.   Several members captured second runnings from Left Hand's Imperial Stout  (the last batch they made on the original 20 barrel brew system).   We brewed in the parking lot at Left Hand, fermented at home, then brought the beer up to Jason's place outside of Nederland.


Here's the recipe that Jason used

OG: 1.108-1.109
FG: 1.030-1.031 (plus the whiskey imparted from the barrel = danger)

14.0 lbs Bulk Pilsen Light (Pale LME)
8.0 oz Breiss Bavarian Weizen DME
12.0 oz Malto-Dextrin
8.5 oz Medium Crystal Malt (L48-64)
8.5 oz Dark Crystal Malt (L80-92)
8.0 oz British Black Patent Malt (L432-525)
8.0 oz British Chocolate Malt (L620-640)
8.0 oz Victory Malt (L25)
4.0 oz British Roasted Barley (L690-700)

2.0 oz Domestic Perle (AA 7.2%) bitter at beginning of boil.
1.0 oz U.K. First Gold (AA 8.0%) bitter at beginning of boil.
1.25 oz U.K. Fuggle (AA 4.5%) aroma at t-10 in boil.

1 tsp Irish Moss

Safale Dry Ale Yeast (US-05) in a starter of 1600ml of Brewcraft Breiss Dry Malt Pilsen Light with an OG of 1.030 for 3 days before pitch.

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